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Take a Few Moments. . . .


**We are the cabbage and the rose at once.  Earthy  and ethereal, at once.

**Memories are the bridge to the future.

**It takes time to pick up the threads of life upon return from being away, to make room for yourself again in lives that have already taken your absence into consideration.

**Old friends like old books demand that we return to them.

**To go over the same road again and again until the pain as well as joy no longer overwhelms
requires tough love.

**Life was not meant to be a vehicle of convenience.  Breathing itself is an imposition of sorts at

**Education is a thing of the heart and spirit and no learned institution can impart what is
necessary to complete a life.

**Inflated ego:   over estimation for public consumption

**To be human is an art to be learned and perfected; part of the soil, organic in compound and
with divine nature imbued.  It appears we do not think highly of the earth and its components.
Our behavior implies we must think being human is a debasement of sorts.

Photo by John Holmes


Think It Through. . . .


Men may live lives of quiet desperation but is it not better to punch out the heavens and settle the fight?


Some people prefer to sit on hot rocks.


The path for the journey home is such a steep and narrow one that the intensity of the heart is calibrated.


There is Grace in the wait.  But only after the knock out.


One can circle the world many times but be no nearer to one’s final destination that what is taken by the first step inward.


The rock of Gibraltar does withstand the chipping away at it but only to a point.


There is an art to waiting.  It is an art form and once learned, a great privacy maker and comfort.


Moments of waiting allow one to disconnect from a cacophonous world and center in on the inner voice intent on self preservation.  Guilt arises when something as prosaic as waiting in line can be so delicious as to be judged sinful.


To have a sense of the past, a hold on the future and an immersion in the present should be a prerequisite for life.


As we stretch to pour the milk out of the pitcher we are blind to the fact that it is only out of abundance that we continue to pour.


We are laughed out of the curriculum when our search involves basic origins and we find some answers.

photo by
Stanley Rybacki




Pause To Consider. . . .


Engineering may code and modify DNA but individual evolution can be enhanced by emulating the behavior of one whose actions are above reproach.  It behooves everyone to action that does not send crossed signals.  We are not paranoid to think we are being watched.  As children we all had our role models whom we watched and were disappointed too many times.   We may have to pretend behavior we don’t normally wear,  but soon it will become who we are.  We can make a difference for the common good.  Or common ill.


Whatever is not made peace with will piece the person.  It will break them into a million parts and they will never know that it can be peace-d nor seeing how they contribute to it all and will leave the adult body when they transit with behavior befitting the child in them.


We were told that what is done for one is done for all.  The lesson is profound when taken seriously and applied to everything.  Not just to the case in hand but to all cases and all hands.  Keep it always forefront.  The individual effort is noted and the heavens are not deaf nor are they blind.  The simplest and most menial task is only so when glimpsed within the structures of the day.  When taken to completion it becomes a sacred work of art.  Know it.


Some Thoughts. . . .

When in doubt about what to do;  the human thing to do is one which will contribute to humanity’s growth.


And without memory,  one has no idea of how the past deposits its residual in the present nor what the present can do to frame the future.


The one requiring more learning, more education is the one who feels the pinch of the harness most.


To hold two opposing views in mind and still function is a sign of a mature intelligence.


The bottom line of all behavior is the preservation of one’s self.  When all holds are not barred, the one holding one’s own life is the behavior of choice.


To delve into a psyche without being asked is to burglarize a house.


We cling to old beliefs, regardless of the damage they have caused, regardless of change in the world,  often because we think we will bury our parents forever.  If we believe like they did,  we think we keep them alive.  And somehow think we fail them again as we have when we were children.


The heart will determine what the eyes see.  And put into the head the meaning of it all.


Some prayers seem to be answered and some are not.  The final question should be, why not mine?


Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters

You cannot accommodate an attitude that sees only the good without giving notice to what the other is doing in laying garbage on unsuspecting shoulders.

It is a real gift to be able to give voice to an Other’s most cherished beliefs but neither does it give them tools to withstand life’s disabilities and allow them to work at standing upright themselves.

Conscience is a commodity with a price.  It is the voice within us directing our own belief system.

To be given the tools to work at life is the best gift of all.

Sometimes what we consider to be coincidence is truly a matter of heavenly intervention.

The quality of the diversions bespeak the fellows.

The ‘not knowing’ of the moment is tense relief only to be recognized as the fool’s paradise in retrospect.

It takes a long time for humanity to grow up.  And some play at it better than others.

Some wear their conscience in their breast pocket and others sit on it.

If you cherish the childish, you don’t grow up.  If you lid the childlike awe and exuberance, you get old.  Not necessarily mature,  just old.




A Morning’s View

20150814_074546a mind’s wanderings. . . . .


One man’s highest desire need not be an others’.  And if one’s highest desire is to survive,  then reincarnation is one’s only alternative no matter what world.


When one is painfully aware of life’s brevity, others then tend  to shy away from any intimation of mortality.  That is one reason people own dogs.

Guilt has many faces.


This mother is not so subtle a son says when she kisses her adult children on the forehead to see if they are feverish.


In a family, the genetic and emotional connections can be used by and of themselves.  The very things we find stifling and inappropriate are the very things we use to draw strength from.  And if we have siblings, because of our numbers, we gain strength.


To draw on what is good for us requires maturity.  We are apt to discard all before realizing some things are worth holding onto.


Glory is often as fleeting as one’s presence and when one  is gone, so is the glory.  What remains is often the sediment of who we are.


Man needs solitude to digest and make concrete his philosophical position.  If he has one, that is.


Gaining another sense does not mean separation from self consciousness.  It means you are saddled with what you have been and then given another view of what you can be.  The dichotomy is excruciating.


Cosmic consciousness is a mixed blessing.


Surfing The Ethers

Toward A Destiny

Surfing The Ethers

That the rain falls on the just and the unjust and that even the dogs are fed from the master’s table only proves that the Universes are good and all life is sacred .

Eternal is the hour which grants the heart time.  Sacred is
the vessel which yields the cup.

We blend to make this world an exercise of faith in Man.

If everyone was knowledgeable, it would be laughingly impossible to get on with the play.

The Teachers say that tears are the water we use to rinse our brains.

The student says that tears are what we use to rinse out our memories.

Unreconciled memories stand at the ready to catch a place where they would rouse the emotions and plague again.

There is no talent which will be left unused and no path of interest unexplored.

There is sufficient time for all of the talents and then some in a world of no time and in a universe which is becoming.

There is no time, all time and yet no time to waste.

When the mind is full of knowledge, when truth wears the most even frame to a frazzle, when it all becomes too much to bear,  the heavens give us what is ours and says, bear it.

We are a reference point for other worlds.

Photo by
John Hallissey


If You Have A Minute To Think. . . . .


One cannot legislate the future one way or another.  It is happening at the precise minute you think about it.  It cannot go away and no amount of fretting will change it one iota.

Your acts upon your days have already sent the future into a direction which will reveal itself.

Supposing man gave headroom to the idea that his daily thoughts form his future or the world he will find himself, would he care enough to change his thinking, his thoughts to build a better world of choice?

Our so called love of people serves to hide our very limited, if at all, love of persons.  If we cannot love persons, what good to say we love people?

If we have difficulty with the ones who share our hearth and homes, what good to say we love the world?

Sometimes what you catch in an aging face is cosmic and intensely personal.   It often means that the God Within has been called into conference.   Not something one freely discusses with the common man.

When something passes over our understanding, it can mean it hasn’t  been born to the senses yet; for instance, as born to see or born to hear.   Once our understanding is broadened, learned and integrated, little will pass our notice.

When little passes our notice, our hearts may be broken.  We might then be able to do something about peace on Earth and good will toward all mankind.  And save our planet.



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Take A Minute Here. . . .


Life without illusions is still worth living simply because it is sweet and beautiful enough as is.  In any dimension.

It is a psychic affront when the need to rest in front of the fire finds one has to build it first.  But no fire warms as well as the fire one builds with one’s own effort and has to fan.

To heal from within is the only true healing.

The right to truth is mine to uncover.  The right to conceal belongs to the Other.

Conscience is installed to monitor one’s life for one’s survival.  Conscience is memory of acts done to one with memory of pain.

We are our belief system.  As we stand, so it is we teach.

There are worlds being spun out of glossy webs that bespeak of spun sugars.

You cannot fool the nature of souls because souls have a way of propounding the innocent and the complex.  In the midst of all that is done, the soul will fathom the doer and know beyond doubt what the motive and process has been.

You cannot chain a wild horse.  You also cannot chain a Spirit that requires larger premises.

You cannot erase lessons learned unless understood is the reason for those lessons.

The dipping into the River of Forgetfulness does not always wipe out those pieces that rise time and again demanding that we do something about them.

Life is everlasting and everlasting.
When I finally understood this,
I became very tired.
The vineyards await.  Salut!


Riding The Ethers

Riding The Ethers

We are what we are for if we understood what we could be we would take our show on the road as an example.

To push our ideals on another will only ostracize us from the love that struggles to make it to the finish line.

When love is not, nothing else is.

You cannot fix much when no one sees what is broken.

Is a eulogy the same as justification for a life?

Needing is not loving.   They are not the same.

To change even one behavior pattern demands that all behavior patterns be changed.  And many are not equal to the task.

Freedom of choice is a responsibility.  It is also a sacrament.

The world speaks with a forked tongue.

There are those who close their eyes to what it is they see because they know what they see will contradict what they choose to believe.

The look of innocence is a state of shock.  It is the place where the soul rests, the mind has stopped pursuing and spirit dares not delve deeper.  It is where the rubber hits the road and burns.


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