Winner of Common Thread Give-a-way

I am pleased to announce the winner of our Common Thread Give-a-way.  And she is Julie.    So if Julie will contact me at I will send a copy of The Last Bird Sings to her.   I hope she will enjoy the book and that it will become a favorite friend to go back to visit many times.

And to the other artists and writers of Common Thread,   Kim Gifford of  Pugs and Pics, Jane McMillen of little house home arts, Rachel Barlow of picking my battles,  Jon Katz of and Maria from  my thanks go out to you for supporting the arts.    To Maria, who has been a wonderful cyber friend and has a  following of loyal readers,  thank you especially for your support.

And my thanks go to all the wonderful readers who not only sent in their names but also took the time to look at upper floor.   I hope I can keep you interested with my blog so that I too,  will become a favorite place to go to.  I look forward to your comments and appreciate your time with me.

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