A Cosmic Prayer For Mankind


You and Your God Within

Whether the still  small voice you hear is called Comforter or God or Teacher or by any other name you consider holy,  the promise is good.  What will be brought to mind is what you once knew and now remember or what you need to learn.  And one day, some time,  you will open your hand and  you will find a key.  And that key will open worlds for you and bring to you the peace that is beyond understanding.  You will find the dichotomy,  the hurting split that had you in pieces will be healed.  You and your god within will be in dialogue when you are in doubt and of one mind in peace.  And when you speak, you will be speaking for the god within.  You will say in truth, my god and I, we are one.  It is not a walk in the park, but a journey to the heart of you.

A Cosmic Prayer For  Mankind

We would wish for much.
We would wish for the sublime love
that was preached
from every mountaintop.

We would wish
for a mother’s love to be there
for the infant and the father’s hand
to caress the brow of every child.

We would wish for peace
within the human psyche
and learning to be brought
to the dinner table and
the breakfast table every time.
And love to be served
as the main course.

It is much that we wish for;
much that we yearn for.
But peace is designed
for the human in mind
from birth to the grave.

Bring peace.

Photo by
John Holmes


2 responses to “A Cosmic Prayer For Mankind”

  1. Maria, to heal the split within us, to make us whole, that is what we work toward. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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