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Wandering The Galaxies. . . again. .


(This morning  November 19, 2019, I read that Bill Gates has unveiled a solar energy project  aimed at saving the planet.  I am excited about this and am rerunning a post from October 28, 2017 about my dream with solar trees  I saw and drew from a dream and entered in my journal September, 1991.  I rest with hope now about my planet classroom.


Wandering The Galaxies. . .(posted first October 28, 2017)

Again,  I am here with pictures,  primitive to be sure,  that I drew of what I encountered in  the dream world written on September 9, 1991.  Previously I had shown the pictures I had drawn of the gentle fishes in the post on this blog called Worlds I know. . .to speak of. . . which was on September 3, 2017.   I wrote then that as I continued working on cross referencing my journals with other work which corroborates them, I would share the pictures and the journals.

I came across the notes I had taken when rereading the journals of the pictures you see here.  I knew I had the sketches and showed them to my son John.  He said I was ahead of my time.  This week we activated solar panels on our home  after much protocol.  There obviously are worlds where other forms of energy are utilized to a greater extent.  I share a part of the journal of that date. While I was not fully awake and the dream was fresh, I drew the sketches you see.  My input to the dialogue taking place was
from the journal entry. . .

(The energy on the mountain.  What I thought were trees in the vision, shaped like trees, were not were they?  They somehow brought in energy to run houses without chimneys.  And from those strange shaped trees I thought on the mountain.  From a distance I thought them trees, but they were energy sources, weren’t they?  I wish there were credentials to back me up, but then I wouldn’t have taken this seriously but just a powerful play . )

I could not have envisioned this on my own nor have thought one day to be living here in California where solar panels would be installed to offset the high cost of electricity.  But almost 30 years ago I had sketched other worlds where gentle fishes and houses without chimneys were evidenced.  I had heard  Rachel Carson’s  worries for this planet.

I told my sons I needed a Hazmat suit when I entered my workroom.  The emotional vibes are hard on this aged frame from a life of memories relived.  Memory is both joyous and painful and always entwined.


My Exhibit And Reception

FEBRUARY 10th  AT 2 P.M.
An exhibit of my work
at the Oak Park Arms in Oak Park,  IL.  60302
408 S. Oak Park Ave.

I will have my wall quilts on exhibit in the hall gallery for purchase and also my books, Kiss The Moon and The Last Bird Sings will be available also for purchase.   The exhibition will feature a series of `want to be touched 18th and 19th century’ winter scenes.   I hope to meet those of you who have been readers of my blog and all who would be interested in seeing my work.

This exhibit has been in the planning stages for several months now and I want to give enough time for those who are planning a trip to the Chicago area to make room in their schedules to come to Oak Park to see my work.   I would love to see old friends as well as meet you who know me through my work.   I look forward to seeing you.

I will mention this exhibit several times between now and the 10th of February so plans can be made to include me in your mid winter trip to Chicago.   There will be refreshments served during the reception.   Please come.   You are cordially invited.


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