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We Must Learn From Our Past. . . . .

 It was 1974 that I awakened early and wrote what I remembered.  The past is still happening, the future has already happened and here in the present, we race to catch up with it.  . . . . forgetting the years of my walking around the neighborhood when presented with concepts too hard to absorb. 

I had no one to lean on nor to talk about this.  It was a solitary journey.  Yet I read recently (years ago?) that Albert Einstein said unless time is understood, there would be no understanding of the ‘who I am’ in us.

(Feb 1, 2018—I scribed . . We deal with linear measurement.  It has stabilized the environment and made teaching easier.  Children now being born are versed to the enth degree in other worlds where they are familiar, here have difficulty with this Earth’s time element. 

So now we insert the thought that all this has a connection.  It is of utmost importance that the simultaneous worlds, of time and events are still happening is essential to growth. 

We have here the ability which you display to live almost to a hundred with the idea which has sustained you through the years.  You know that simultaneous is what you do as you cross boundaries in worlds that have no name.  You take events and artifacts from one culture and take them with you and display them with the artifacts of the world you are in. 

Where do ideas come from?  You already have the makings of technology that other worlds already are using.  They are brought through dreams, through meditation, through conference with other entities, beings which are in silence sometimes but vividly portraying the ideas through icons.  The emphasis is always on progress with integrity.  You get that.  You see that. 

What is being displayed now is reckless abandon of institutions which need to be respected.  It has taken mankind a long and arduous time of it to come to this place where there is respect for law and enforcement of ideas which are good for the majority.  

 What we are seeing is the abandonment of courage which was hard won and now trampled on by spinelessness which is an embarrassment that must be contended.  The panic and fright of grown people is not to be tolerated by the stubborn greediness and lack of respect which surfaces.

 In the concept of simultaneous time we have a religious leader who tried to teach the concept of many worlds.  When the man Jesus went to the mountain and spent time with the invisibles he was able to bring to man, then in the primary state, the concept of my father’s house has many rooms.

It would have been impossible to bring the idea of worlds such as the earth planet into thinking when man thought the horizon meant the end of the world he knew.  The idea then of a universe full of whirling planets was impossible to conceive.  What you have is the simple concept of a large house with rooms and you have gone into that many times. 

When Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s, he already knew that man had created a better and bigger version of himself.  This is what the Grandfather God has evolved to. 

 It was impossible at the time of the Master and impossible now for some to think of the undergirding principle of the universes as the sacred as well as spiritual underpinning of all creation.  That a sparrow is noted as well as the human is difficult but somehow spanning the abyss man does by the magnificence of the god he has created.

You go into this all the time with the ones who feel that the hand of God is on them but he was deaf and is deaf to the millions who scream in pain from hunger and mutilation.  How to bridge the gap? 

Take it one thing at a time.  You place and rightly the spirit or sacred within man.  How he is to claim his spirituality and become the divine soul in his right is what your work indicates.  How to do it?  You do it.  Just do it.  Inch by wretched quarter inch and we make progress.

The past is still happening.  The future has already happened.  And here in the present we race to catch up with it.  This is the first concept that must be integrated.  All that is necessary is for man to relate to his history. 

See where man has been and where he is today and what he has not, not is emphasized, learned.  Because if the lesson is not learned, we redo the lesson.  Except the circumstances are not going to be as conducive as they were previously and may be more difficult for the student. 

The past is still happening; the icons are being smashed, symbolizing centuries of man’s desire to translate the divine into the material.  Take the thought, take the thought and emphasize it. 

Not only does man smash the icons but also the humans who built them.



When You Have The Obligation . . .


Living The Martha Mary Story forever it seems. . . . . .

It was the Martha -Mary story which raised the hackles and had me fuming.  Martha wished to sit and listen to her friend and exchange thoughts but Mary of course took the seat.  Mary did not offer to pour milk nor water to the thirsting children and elders so Martha toured with pitcher in hand and fumed.

Jesus was attuned to this and chided,  Martha, Martha why do you fuss so?  Mary is only doing what Mary can do.

I am not really sure that anyone appreciated what Martha did.  Martha also did what only she could do because she saw what needed to be done.  No one else did.  No one.  Only her eyes saw the need.

There would be those who say that Martha chose to pour for the guests.  She could have said no and taken a seat.  But could she?  And did Mary see the need and choose not to service?  Or not eyes open and mind to understand?

I scribed . . .You have the obligation because you have the knowledge.   October 26, 1988

(my thoughts today. . . In other words  when you have the knowledge, you  have the obligation.  Also when knowledge roots and conscience is honed, options are fewer.  In some cases, options close.  (this is how saints are born on the job)

This is anathema to some because choice is a freedom and to say options close takes away that freedom.   Limited knowledge even then gives the favored ones many choices.  And looking at our world especially today, tells us that minorities are stripped of choices every day no matter their high credentials.

When reasons and explanations make the kind of sense that lead to understanding, it becomes knowledge.  Understanding does not necessarily make something easier to live with.  But when it roots and conscience is honed sharply, one sometimes sees an out but it is closed because that same knowledge sometimes presents fallout on innocent shoulders.  Conscience wishes not to wound.

And the only thing one can do is endure.

One is not abandoned because in the knowledge comes enlightenment which grants surcease from what grips in the dilemma.  Sometimes small comfort but in the broadening space given, this becomes the lifebuoy that keeps all afloat.  And in times like ours with so many devices blaring information 24/7 with no letup, a small comfort is acceptable with no argument.  And greedily grasped.

The Godfellows. . .

they crowd him, he who walks
the path like the pied piper.

the youngers follow like
so many puppies.

he bends to whisper the day good
into ears that hear his beating heart.

and their hearts beat with knowledge . . .
that they are both Divine. . . . .

(When it seems I flit with old and recent entries, it is because I finally understand  the quantum theory that all time is simultaneous.  Because I do, it is all happening now.  It is the only way to make sense out of my own why.  Work on it because otherwise the deep waters will entice.)

photo by John S. Hallissey


It Would Have Blown My Mind. . . .

  Everything Teaches. . . . 

A friend and I discussed how difficult it was for humans not to think we are the most intelligent of beings.  Of course he said, no matter what color they are, people think other beings cannot be intelligent.

In Doris Lessing’s Shikasta series, Klorathy said the most intelligent were beings without mouths and had tentacles for speaking at the end of their hands.

In a February 2014  journal I scribed. . . . What if we were to introduce a creature of high intelligence but other than what you  think about and say to you this is how you are in a different focus?  What if you are shown in dreams how you appear to us whom you consider teachers and yet grant intelligence of the highest kind?  What would you think then?  Can you visualize what we see when we envision your form?  What can you bring to mind?. . . .

I edited my answer for space. (It is outside my frame of reference.  I can only conjure up with specifics.  Lessing used language as a measure and even then I need a dictionary.  For words like dwarf or bulk or wide or silvery, these I visualize. )

Work today 5.7.20. . I scribed  . . .  beginning what you wish as differences in appearance, we would tell you not to worry about what is fashionable.  Not to worry about what your hair looks like.  Except you think what you are comfortable with.  And right you are.  Not to be outlandish and draw attention to how you differ in appearance is one less thing you contend with.

But we take it from there.  Fashionable on a daily basis you think not.  It requires too much energy you find wanting.  But cleanliness is crucial to you.  To others who have no water to drink, cleanliness is luxury. 

But many would find it difficult to pay attention to intelligence should they find a dirty exterior.  Yet worlds there are, where this is not a factual but a luxury again.  It would take awhile to put the olfactories to sleep and pay attention to thought.  And there is the matter of speech making a big difference. 

Talk about the recent experience with the Newfie, Leroy.

This is mine and it surprises me for this to come up now. . .  (last week upon awaking I found Leroy out in the garage with son John and I greeted him with how well Leroy was.  {in his recovery after blowing out two legs before Christmas 2019}  He yodeled his greeting as he happily now does.

When I came in to get his breakfast I realized he transferred a picture to me when he yodeled and it was of yesterday when I rubbed him down with moisturizer to oil his skin and new fur, having been shaved for surgery.  He loves hands on massaging.  I thought immediately of the woman who talked to cows whose name I could not bring up.  I googled and found Temple Grandin , whose talents were the bedrock of much needed improvement in slaughterhouses.

Since Leroy’s surgeries he is again a happy camper.  He yodels in prelude to mind pictures voicing his wants.  He is a case study for me in spades and in transferring thought with pictures worth 10,000 words.

Leroy brought to mind other dogs and journal entries when thought impressions occurred.  I learned their needs and went about doing those.  But this time I made the vivid connection with Temple Grandin.

(5.29.2020….It is not surprising  now that I scribed the teacher asking about Leroy since we were into how important speech is.  I had already journaled the mental picture with the yodel. Even now I see that our other dogs often did transfer pictures I accepted, though never called them intentional communication.   I just knew and acted.  In hindsight with today’s understanding of what all I was able to do that was not common, it would have blown my mind.


Hunger For What Is Remembered. . . .

I write only of worlds I know.  Of little, gentle fishes called Nords and Kerns and of Teachers.  Did I create them or discover them in place?  They shimmer for me.  They are not just one world.  There are also places of poverty that touch the living heart and strum it with songs of despair which are heard day and night.  Barren places and places also speaking of Mind.  These I write of and scribe.

In the light of daily observation about what goes on in our country,  what must be kept in mind is the progress we make, the potential of individuals and what is voiced as  thought processes.  In the long torturous road to maturity, we look to see what was exhibited in process.

In our leaders, has the genetic line been enhanced with education, perseverance and viewed with no embarrassment because intelligence has been acquired?  One can then guardedly assume stability and maturity within the individual.

We must look upon those wishing election and reelection, at their ancestors and family and be kind in judgment.  In this day when good minds and strong character must be exhibited before important decisions can be made concerning affairs of the world’s countries and therefore the body of man, more care should be given to lineage and character of the person.

And weighed carefully against spirit and dedication of the individual and what has been accomplished in their life.  Personal characteristics as manner and art in coping with the exigencies of life must be accounted for.

The day when credentials consist only of the work accumulated with PR is gone.  You cannot be a better anything than you are a person.  No matter the job.   One whose life is publicly intentioned will hold his personal life above scrutiny.   They will hold themselves responsible and accountable as well.

These days of wholesale keyhole peeping will unveil all manner of decadence.  It is no longer an okay thing to blatantly be crude, an embarrassment not only to the parents of children but also to brothers who have sisters.  The young will demand better behavior.  To the answer ‘everybody does it’ the comment will no longer be hesitant, ‘well, I don’t!’   And the behavior will be unblemished.

In the beginning we were an experiment in the borning of a country settled unethically and dismissive of native pilgrims. Our tortuous route to democracy is constantly questioned and must be compassionately worked at.

Sophistication has catapulted and public education has sent persons unqualified and unbalanced to high offices. But the right to life continues its cost and purpose. We must study and work to make balanced decisions.

The times now demand the best of who we are.    Some think it is a hellhole and yet others know our best will lift us again for those who hunger for the good of what is remembered.

artwork by Claudia Hallissey

(for those who understand how things change and remain the same. . . .this post was mostly scribed from  journal entries of August 12&21, 1987 edited for space)


When GIVEN Thoughts Require Attention. . . .

The children will know the highest and best framework you have chosen is one by which your own heart was healed.


We say take love and use it and it will heal the rift which threatens to become a chasm man will never be able to cross by himself.  Would you be able to help if need be?  But who could you trust to do it?


To ask in thought for help presumes the presence of an Other.  It is a love affair of the greatest kind.  Heaven aims to educate the heart which is ripe and ready and open.


Eric Hoffer states in his book on loving that when one comes to the time to do good, if one is aware of good, the choices are few.  When you become better and better, your options narrow.

Heaven goes one better, I scribed.  When approaching sainthood, the options are not there anymore.  They refer to those who have made the Light a Beacon force in their lives; when the mind is one with the god mind which gives life, no matter the personal consequences resulting.  Humanity’s progression is the only path to take.

(now you try to sleep). . . .


Each One Teach One. . . .

Today I post with a practical idea that helps me enormously.  Two of my favorite bloggers, Jon Katz on Bedlam Farm and Maria Wulf on inspired the following idea.  Jon posted that Maria put up shelves to enable him to glance and see clean clothes on hand.

My head rang bells and I asked son John if he would put up shelves.  Once upon a yesterday I did my own carpentry but aging prohibits and so I said I wait till he finishes pushing out walls and windows of our home.  While waiting, the thought is a Given, why not see if the idea floats by taking out the drawers?

I did and this is what is now.  I have thanked Jon and Maria and shown them this.  For any of my peers still navigating these waters with me, I say try this.  The drawers become too heavy right now for me and even with no sense of fashion, sameness becomes lethal daily.  Instigating some zest is crucial simply to keep breathing.

Also included is the chest next to my bedroom chair by giving me added shelf space for more tops but also shelves  for papers and work in review.  Neatly stowed and at hand and yet organized to some extent.  Finding old sweats like new has increased my wardrobe by almost another 50% says my eldest son!

Simplifying is what everyone wishes to do, but I like my friendly stuffs at hand!  Yet common sense says there is no energy to call upon lady, so get real!

But I tell you this.  I truly don’t know whence cometh my desire to make bread today that make grown men cry as I wrote once, who remember what real bread tasted like, and the soup which I put into the crock pot last night to slow cook for a ‘clean the fridge vegetable soup’ that a spoonful of shredded cheese and a spoonful of sour cream make taste like gourmet fare for lunch.

New cost?  1 can of diced tomatoes.  These are the talents my mentor talked of that we should multiply and divide throughout eternity.  These are the ways that we do and we will be shown how.  Start where you are and you will be shown how.  Evolution. . . each one teach one.
That is what it is all about.


Help Balance Our World. . . .

Where is this place called home?  The elders often sit with a distant look and one hears them say I need to go home.  Most lives have given no exact place to these words, but all of us have heard them said since we were children.

I brought this place with me when I arrived on this planet, this lush planet I have come to love and call home. I have buried my face in her earth smell.  Yet I have spent almost a hundred years less a decade, on the outside looking in.

Strange, isn’t it? I love this planet and have taken care of her in the best ways I could.  Where is that place  I brought with me, with a foot dragging behind with more than  memory, but with knowledge I was  loved enough to stay the route until I took the lessons to heart and was healed?

It is the place where words such as honor, trust, love and bonding melded my soul to the weight of words, the only way I had to intricately meld who I am with one who matched and recognized these soul stuffs in me.  The weight of these words, in whatever measure I knew to be the highest and best of who I am, would be the bar I would forever live lives of mine to reach.  The thought that I would not meet this bar, or that  I would settle for less, never occurred.

When it did, I was told that my grief stemmed from integrating the weight of my words  and trying  to balance in a world not ready for them.   My unbelieving puzzlement at what I heard?

Did you say, or did I hear right???  Whatever I heard was right but wrong in what I thought they meant.  But I believed you I said and heard the words, well THAT was your problem! It was a shared reality but not shared perceptions.

In these stressful times where evidence is pictured all day on our screens at home, there is a reality we participate inThe pictures hold different meanings for us according to our perceptual prejudices.  If the camera does not support our prejudices we say it is a fake picture.  I learned that a man convinced against his will is unconvinced still.  Until there is a something he relates to.  Like a body going into a freezer truck because the hospital morgue is full.  And he grew up down the street from this hospital.

Stressful times reveal our fabric.  Look to how you manage your days to see whether you are the role model you hoped to be or have become the person you hoped to meet.  Work on it.


Not Better, Not Lesser, but Diverse. . . .

It was 2 ½ years ago that I posted what a stumbling block I had and did not know  I carried.  When something was so obvious to me, all evidence pointed, words written, pictures and all, yet sitting across the table was one shaking his head no.  I was reading into the subject.  It did not say, whatever.  That was not so.

I thought it was a matter of will, of laziness in opening a book, one didn’t care to think.  I was told I was wrong in what I thought.  I had no credentials to back me up but I did have a yearning to learn that was not quiet with open books nightly when my world slept and I ventured into what I learned in my dotage was Kabbalah, where Sages did not die.

We were taught in first grade all are born equal.  All brains are equal.  I believed until I was about eight and waited all night for Santa Claus.  When he did not appear toward morning I crawled into bed next to my sister and knew it was one of the feel good things big people said.  Not true but feel good.

When I first read Jean Auel’s Clan of The Cave Bear I thought it was a good work.  When I picked it up the second time, I did not stop reading for 2 days.  It told me in spades what I was unable and blind to understanding; that thought processes are different, not lesser or better, but diverse.  The one telling me I was wrong in thinking was as wrong as I was thinking it was a matter of will, of intent.  

Creb, the Mogur, or shaman comes to understand that Ayla , the young girl rescued  because of climate calamity was able to conceptualize and learn his tribe’s language  and behavior because  her brain was open in ways his was not to learn hers.

I felt his pain concluding this.  New knowledge must rearrange all preconceived thought and demands work.  One’s entire belief system, philosophy, must be reconsidered in new light.

His people hammered through hundreds of generations to survive in bleak conditions while Ayla’s had come from conducive conditions allowing growth and less isolation.  Her abilities were evident so they aroused jealousy.  Just as any yearning desire to learn something adopts a discipline destined to manifest, discipline often seeds resentment in the onlooker.

Tribal groups often settled fertile grounds and mated with similar tribes.  Peaceful affiliations though different meant growth evolved.  Isolation meant incestuous unions and less growth.  Evolution stagnates when different means discrimination.

So culture, genetic anguish, environment, simple poverty and a worst lack, no inner motive to race the morning to begin its dance, puts the brain on hold.  Do I take away hope?  I do not.  Intensity of purpose. . . should have you online  to get Clan of the Cave Bear.  What a rich two days for me. Learning should be the infection that I would hope be contagious.

Understanding even a little bit does not make it easier,  just lessens the frustration.


You Have To Reach High . . . .

Mar 10, ’87. . . I scribed. . .

Where discipline is not thought to be self imposed. . .

To know when one demeans one’s own system, is to debase the spirit within.  It is all a value system.  A value system.  And a value system worth its salt will not be maligned in any manner, not even systems beyond what one knows. (consider invisible worlds)   The value system of behavior based on high premises will be honored. (you are known)  But the source of the system so designed must be investigated and must be researched.  You cannot adopt a belief system based on someone else’s work.  It must be within the frame of reference of the individual who espouses the system.

June 25, 2019 working on syncing the stenos. . . . (this has brought me to tears.  It finally is an answer  to David’s question  a few days before he left us when he asked,  how did you know to do it?  To do what?  Keep on living when you know what you know, he said.  I had 3 good reasons, I said.  Tresy, David, and John.  But I knew even then, it was not the whole answer.

But here is the part I never realized to be true.  Though I took the Nazarene as my Virgil to explain the journey to me because I knew of no one else to do it, I never could adopt all his views.  I studied and researched and came up with my arguments and argued my argues.  Because for me in my time, his answers were not for me.  Some were eternals, verities and with those I found no argument.  Others were arguable and I found my own conclusions.

And it is with brief conclusions I find myself.  They are to do no harm, to do some good and never, ever to be afraid.  They were mine reached in my fifties but only now in full scope and depth.  David laughed when he said I took a life of problems and created a philosophy to cover them.

And in one of our conversations he marveled that he watched Plato and Aristotle evolve across the dinner table when he slapped the table and loudly said but I know you never had time for the Great Books!  But the philosophy has stood me in good stead.  How did I know to do it?

I am wiped.  Wiped out.  To reach this time to form my trinity of thought has taken a lifetime.  To do no harm, to do some good and never, ever to be afraid.  The last was the most difficult.  Because I had to learn that one cannot live when fear is a daily companion.

I am glad I stayed the route to get to this place that passes previous thought.  The tuition for this class was horrendous but no university would touch a class of this nature.  The mountains are too many and too high.

(an aside . . .March 8, 2020 . . . and March is a hard month for those who loved David)



Among the earth’s persons. . racing toward his truth. . .


We were sitting at dinner on the Farm visiting with my beloved burly brothers.  I had been the first sister amid 5 brothers born and never doubted their love.  They were my introduction to the world of men and they could do everything. And when I first talked with words of meaning, I announced my intent to marry them all and be their slave!  I think I was about five years old when I stated my premise.

At that dinner, my brothers were talking about what they did to help, the meaningful work of life.  And when they got to the fledgling newly wed they asked what do you do?  In a loud voice he proclaimed. . .I pay the bills!  And a thoughtful response from my quiet brother. . . that is the easy work.  The hard work is within four walls.

And my life of nearing the century mark in a decade taught?  That the hardest job in the family is on the premises as parents.  That it was with cosmic intention birthing would be the extension of the mother’s heartbeat and the father’s process would be the soothing open hand on the child’s brow in love.  This was the paving way to brotherhood among the earth’s persons.

Both would be required and life would be lived with promise and the living made with talents sorted.  Where the talents the world used would be the living made and home where children reared with love.

In this new country settled by immigrants, life would try on and keep trying on the many ways to make a living and a life.  We still are in process for a more better fit.  With working it out, transitional methods are tried and in flux.  But we continue with hope to work hard.

The caring, the uniting, the intention of belonging to the greater humanity was what being human was all about.  Before going on to other worlds, we must learn to accept and respect the differences in ours.

Life everlasting  means that chances are given in many worlds for Beings to work on themselves, to bring forward the good within each.  We were told of fields ready for ploughing and farmers needed to feed mind and body.

Jesus said my father’s house has many rooms and this is but one of them.

It Is Said. . .

It is said that the heavens
care not what goes on the world stage.

It is too late to change
the outlines of a world gone mad.
But here. . .

Within four walls are children
eager to eat the bread
of the parent gods
to feed hungry minds.

Those the heavens note,
for  within these walls
is the outline for peace
on the next stage.

And here, the nurturer, the feeder,
will be given what is necessary
to begin the new world,
the brotherhood of man,

that could not be dreamed
with the old man’s dreams.


sculpture by Stanley Rybacki


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