“Tis folly”  he said.
“to write a word,
for all words mean all things
to all men,
and some words mean no thing
to some men,
even when they mean
everything to me.

I have weighed each carefully
in my heart,
using my feelings
as a scale.
I labeled things
only when I became a namer.

I loved only when I became
a lover
and I made life only
when I became a creator.

So I now write
to communicate
and find that man no longer reads.

Perhaps I will make marks on sand again.”

Primitive art by Veronica
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About Veronica Hallissey

Veronica Hallissey has been writing since the 1960s, with her poetry published in a variety of small press magazines. Born into a farm family in Lockport, NY, and educated at the University of Buffalo and other midwest institutions, she brings and unusual point-of-view to her poetry, combining strong natural images with a deep spiritual language. She lives in St. Johns, FL.

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2 Responses to Words

  1. veronicahallissey February 22, 2014 at 1:24 am #

    e mail from Bill H. . . . .your line about naming reminds me of the line from Tao Te Ching . . . .that which is named is not the Tao. . . . .

  2. veronicahallissey February 22, 2014 at 1:28 am #

    And to Bill H. . .in the same frame of thought, by not naming a thing or action it does not exist and therefore one need not deal with it. . . .certainly makes living easier, doesn’t it?

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