Kiss The Moon


This is a compilation of my favorite poems from different periods of my life and loves. It is straight from my heart with love and straight from my mind with thought. It is a life’s work with a Cosmic backup.


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In this first volume of poetry, Veronica Hallissey explores complex natural themes grounded in a deep sense of spiritual connectedness. Drawing on a lifetime of motherhood, working, and relationships, she examines critical and not-so-critical life events in a spirit of journeying and wonder, and shares with the reader her own sense of the infinite. Artist Claudia Pontarelli-Hallissey’s pencil sketches bring a strong personal response to the poetry, and add yet another layer of meaning.




I speak the words, hesitantly.
And on my pauses
their meaning weighs

You take my words
and on my pauses,
your meaning rests
on your totality.

We touch at points,
harvesting our

to see how we differ,
yet amazing,
to see the world we’ve created

moving magnificently.


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