Bless The Experience

            I learned something.  I learned to ’bless the experience’.
            For if the experience has been a negative one,
            has left me with a hurt so deep, has filled me with anger,
            then I must bless it.  For in the blessing I remove
            its power to hurt me again.  I leave it impotent, unable.
            I’ve taken the wind out of its sails and
            there it sits, blessed for the teaching,
            but unable to wield power over me again.

            If the experience is a positive one, I bless it.
            In like manner, it will remain powerful and upon recall,
            able to confer its goodness time and again.
            In my thinking happily on it,
            I will automatically bless it again.

            Life is a blessed experience, all of it. 
            Bless it generously and gratefully. 
            It teaches us magnificently and impartially.
            These are the magic words.  For in the unhappy experience
            we are taught swiftly and surely and must bless the lesson.
            In the happier one our pleasurable memory is our
            reward.  In blessing all of it, we make our truce with life

            and secure our place in it forever.

11 responses to “Bless The Experience”

  1. Bless the storm and the rain quenchesBless the calm – the spirit soarsBless the darkness and the dawn approachesBless the light – the Spirit soarsBless the tears  and the healing beginsBless the smile – the spirit soars

  2. This really spoke to me. I think I’ll scribe this and keep it in my Bible.All of your writing is so profound, I’d like to comment on everything if I had time.

  3. Nancy, When we recognize what we need to work on, we are well on our way. It is always a good thing to look at what our experiences teach us.

  4. Maria, There is a balance to life’s experiences. If we can look at them as worthy, there is so much to learn from all of them.

  5. Veronica this came at just the right time thanks and reading the poem again was perfect too Sent from my iPhone

  6. Your poetry is beautiful. “Blessing the Experience” spoke very much to the difficult relationship my family had with our father, such that we used it as a blessing at his funeral this past Saturday. It was extremely well received by those in attendance with many people asking me after the service to write down who the author was. You may be having more visitors to your blog as a result.Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.Steve PMinneapolis, MN

  7. Steve, I am glad my work found its way to comfort in a time of need. A writer needs no higher compliment. Thank you for letting me know its value.

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