In The Morning

                        In The Morning

                        Today is the day
                                    I will preen my feathers,
                                    open my wings and fly.

                        Today is the day
                                    I will breathe the elixir
                                    of rarefied air

                        and bring to me
                                    All That Is
                                    into a heart grown weary.

                        And then I will find
                                    the power to change
                                    the course of mighty rivers

                        and give impetus
                                    to dreaming children
                                    who are content to sleepwalk.

                        In all this,
                                    I will find the
                                    crystalline gestures exquisite.

                        And dawn will break the crystals
                                    and the children
                                    will pick them up


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  1. Bill Hackett October 30, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

    Great blog. I particularily like the October meditation on God. For a Christian agnostic about to go to church, it makes a straighter way.forgot to call back. I will call ttoday. Bill

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