My days are filled
with murmuring thanks
for gifts unbidden. . . .

for the stray thought
giving answers
to questions I did not ask. . . .

for the beating heart
too tired even to stop
and glad that it does not. . . .

for the quivering morning
poised to take flight
through a day hard pressed . . . .

to a night bidden
with unfaltering love
as a thank you . . . .

for a day loved through. . . .

5 responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. I really like the idea in “to the stray thought, giving answers to questions I did not ask.How often I have wanted to shout when an idea or insight pops into my head, probably indirectly influenced by somethhing I might have thought, but which I would never have seen from an imperical consideration.

  2. Nancy, I am glad you like the wall hangings. I love doing them and never quite know how they will finally fall into place.

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