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Christmas Lullaby


The moon assists the drama
heralding the arrival
of the event
locked within memory.

A place, deep within time’s measure
nudges from familiar territories
the clockwise turn of events.

Incense, sweet hay,
pungent holly, sweeping palms,

The eye follows the moon rays
to find the final beam
lodged in our heart.
The ear strains to hear
the lullaby last

to find we are the music.

An Offering

In all things good we ask that a Light so shine
that the good works which are ours
will glorify and exemplify all that is true
and divine,  both within us
and within the Earth.   We ask 
Divine guidance be placed
upon our heads and within our hearts
that we may bring to light
all that we have been taught and
all that we have learned.

We ask in all names that signify
the blessedness of life and the glory
which is both Divine and human.  

We ask,  please receive.   Amen.

Waiting For Santa Claus


The bare floor of the landing,
midway to the top of the stairs.
began to bite her knees and she grew weary.
Her chin pressed the ledge of the frozen window
where her breath left a misty hole.
Her eyes followed the range of the stars,
afraid, afraid of missing the sainted friend
who would deliver her heart’s desires.

Her vigil continued and
the night grew weary of itself.
The house slept under the weight
of the wonderless slumbering within
and its old bones creaked with fatigue.

She did not move and
her  eight years spoke her eight millennia.
The promise was not for now but of forever.

Erstwhile urchin, never blended the phases
of  the child’s dreams, but the boiling
of  the witch’s brew to drink
from  the cauldron of life’s ironies.

It was the story written of the night
in  which a million stars stole the night.
She long remembered the banishment
and  in her vigil she would have
reclaimed  the homestead.

It was not to be.    But in its stead,
the  morning fir stood and the lights
reflected  the stars which distilled
their  radiance in the eyes of the child.
Not for long was the long wait.
She claimed her right as a child of the night

and  gift wrapped was her life.


A Life Worthy

Life is kind to those who treat her kindly.  But if intensity, with its power is used, then life desires to meet her match.  And uses the match for preparation to a higher glory that has little bearing on what one believes.   It is not a matter of life in a hereafter that has one floating on a bed of tranquility.   When life’s conditions are met in the physical, there will be testing periods only chosen by the person who feels the need to gather time and put it to use in a way that others would find untenable.

Who would put or pit themselves against situations that would force a do or die attitude?  Who would force themselves to grow in spite, despite all prevailing attitudes about stress and stress related illnesses, except the soul who knows a something that seems to escape the knowledge of others?

Escapes the knowledge of others.   It is an ancient thought that has propelled some to the present now with the knowledge that by stressing themselves they will prove capable of better and higher things.   And not necessarily in physical life.   There is something innate that tells them there is a something beyond physical life and when pressed, they will shrug and say who knows?    Or some such bright saying.   They will also when pressed deny it and say we work for our family, for position, for the good of some worthwhile cause.   But the truth of the matter lies in the fact that what they are saying is that they want to be qualified.   Qualified to pass a higher judgment to qualify for a position of work that will enable their transport into a world unlike the one they have known.

And the world held in mind is different than their neighbors, in that it will be of memory as they bring it to conscious mind.  These will be glimpses.  They could not elaborate if their lives depended on it and could not describe nor articulate their feelings.   It is done with the hope that what propelled them here has resulted in a life worthy of graduation to a something higher. They are in a cooperative venture with the heavens.   There is assistance for the intense desire of the pilgrim.  It is there for the asking.

Though the majority of us feel we are plowing the field with runaway horses, it is enough to find  at the end of the day, that we too have been tested.  And found worthy.

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