Gift of Time

I am in a January
which thinks it is an April.
I fully expect to see
the rose in bloom and perhaps it is.
In my mind I have transplanted
the marigolds and set the annuals
in their proper places.

In my part of the world I awake.
It is dawn and I prepare for the new day.
The dogs are put out and  
the papers brought in.
And in the dailyness there is virtue.

I marvel at the continuity of it all.
In the beauty of the day
I now see all days and
in the quiet of the night,
I note the world's silence.

In recognition of who I am
in connection with All That Is,
I am grateful.
I have taken this gift of time

and richly wear it like a money belt.

7 responses to “Gift of Time”

  1. I like the moneybelt allusion. Since I am somewhat grounded -I go out for a brief time once a day- I am observing the seasons more carefully. Clearly you are a watcher. Watching and listening are gifts too little cultivated.My pursuiit of George Kennan continues. Such a brillliant man who contributed so much to our foreign policy and yet his struggle between self assurance, even arrogance, and his genius reveals the Shakespeearean tragedy that lies n all of us. When you rise to prominance things that are tolerated in lesser people rise to the level of major flaws. Bill

  2. Of course I was drawn in with your description of the weather, I feel the same. And I too love the image of the moneybelt. it so seems to juxtapose the rest of the poem, and yet of course it is the perfect imagery to convey your feelings about what you have and how important it is to you. Maria

  3. I listen for the silence of the snowand the howling of the Full Wolf Moon.Spend this gift of time wisely -knit a warm sweater to wearwhen Winter remembers its time has come.

  4. I thinks as we get older, we realize that TIME is the new moneybelt. Your poem is a wonderful expression of observation, contemplation and appreciation.

  5. Maria helped me to find your blog!Beautiful poem, and now I shall enjoy browsing through your previous posts. One of the first gifts of the new year.Oh yes, our January here on the West Coast of Canada is behaving like April. A gift of time – what more could anyone want or need.Peg

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