Shared Silence

It is a time
past the time of talk,
past the time of argues.

There is a time of silence,
a shared silence;
a time to accept,
a time to simply
slip into old slippers
and Be.

No matter the world,
this time is ours.
Maybe not to fill
all the empty spaces
but given time,
blends them

into a communion
of shared silences.

2 responses to “Shared Silence”

  1. Comforting words in this political season. Lao Tzu was to have said ‘so order your life that if you hear the bell of the next vilage ring you do not ask why. I am drawn by either wanting to run to the village to help or saying that if you think the clamor is truly relevant you have a wrong take on the world.

  2. Bill,The heart may ponder the bell’s insistence, but if the body balks, listen. Spirit may be saying it is time to just Be.

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