Lurking behind every door are ghosts
from a shadowy past,
eager to be translated
to a dubious present.

Impregnated in genes
are the memories of these ghosts,
split second DNA, with desire housing
the delicate substance quoting life.

Stupid am I to allow
others' memories,
lurking in my fresh Being
to suck life out of my present.
But power filled, even to think
that I could release their tenacious hold
from a life unfulfilled
and requiring recompense.

Helplessness rages simultaneously,
pleading a judicious balance
to satisfy life's imbalances,
yet knowing

I cannot do it.

4 responses to “GENETIC MEMORIES”

  1. I don’t think we can escape past memories. They will go with us where ever we go. We must be positive and continue.

  2. Bill, Centuries of dogma are almost impossible to overcome. Each life is a gift with talents to be multiplied in fulfilling one’s own attempt to make a difference. There are worlds and times enough for all unfinished dreams.

  3. Claudia, the good and not so good memories are the best teachers when they have a time to refer to but when we are given a ‘glimpse’ of a memory with no putting place, this is when we begin the search for its root.

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