Toward A Destiny


wild geese move
within the moments of their destiny
framing patterns struck
upon a naked sky.

clocked by indiscreet motions
they move
in gentler waves

confirmed in their geesehood
they soar with speed
amid the chastening winds
and luring skies.

untethered, unfettered.
dressed in their celestial garb,
melding motive and design
toward a destiny disclosed.

in a moment
they can do
what in a lifetime
I cannot.

7 responses to “Toward A Destiny”

  1. Love the flow of your miraculous words! You truly have a gift…. as graceful as the flight of the geese…Love You

  2. Tres, For so long I have had this photo and this poem together in my mind in just this way. Now it is done. I am glad you like it.

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