Time In The Heart

I was an oppressed people.
I wandered long
and became very tired of wandering.

I hugged the banks
of the green river and
shredded lives of high calibre.

Crying hard and loud
I voiced irritation
that rubbed edges raw.

And soon I walked
into the promised land.
Even before, even before I died.

It was green and fertile
and without enmity.
Without rancor I tended gardens.

And in the wide calm of doing
I knew of Being.
Ah, it was so.   It was so.

Tending the cabbages
I found the young fruit sweet.
Tending the orchards,  I found the hearts tender.

It was in the doing that I found beauty.
And I know it has never been done this way.
And I have done it before.

Each time fresh, each time new,
but the promise and the land even
more beautiful than I had remembered.

But even now, new eyes approach mine
and I whisper. . . . search for it,
search for it.

It is real and when you find it,
you will know it never was a place

but a time in the heart.

6 responses to “Time In The Heart”

  1. Maria, when something touches me deeply I must share it. Not mine to keep. Thank you for telling me.

  2. I’ve watched you wandering and seen you arriving.I’ve seen the joy you find in simply doing.This – a beautiful telling of the journeys.

  3. John, and time in the heart for this world is simply a way station for our soul’s journeys.

  4. I love thse snippets of wisdom! Keep writing! You have a wonderful way of spreading serenity. It is a pleasure to pause and consider.Hope you are all well!With love,Sally

  5. Sally, thank you for responding in time and thought. We have a snagged thread now and then, but we are weavers. Working toward being whole.

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