Morning Comes



Morning comes

with dew hinting Autumn,
promising a long, clean winter.


Schedules are welcomed
and days end
at an appropriate time.


Evenings stretch
like warm welcoming mats,
rolling up at our heels
and sealing us in with what


will feed our Spirits.

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5 responses to “Morning Comes”

  1. “…….and sealing us in with whatwill feed our Spirits.”You have captured Autumn/Winter so perfectly in what those seasons mean to me personally. Your descriptions of things, emotions, life are top of the line. I truly love your posts and am so happy when one shows up in my email. I always take something away from the read that makes me think.Many thanks from a happy reader.

  2. Suzanne, thank you for your response. You make me feel my input worthy. And when I hear from a reader that something I’ve said puts a maybe into their thinking, I am especially pleased. And when someone says they needed to hear just what I’ve written, well, it makes my day. So thank you again.

  3. Maria, I thank you for your encouragement. As humans of all ages, we exchange teacher/student positions all the time. I like responses to see if my ideas find a `fit’. When they do, I am pleased.

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