The Housekeeper


The Housekeeper. Illustration by Claudia Hallissey

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There bellows a wind
around the turrets
of the mind’s house,
ripping under gutters,
sweeping under eaves,
leaving no residue.

Clean, chaste
as the sweet wind,
stands she exalted.
Prudently swiping at corners
to eliminate even
the shadow of contamination
on her brother’s name.

In good time,
in due time,
the world will be
swept clean
and her father’s house
will sparkle.




4 responses to “The Housekeeper”

  1. Maria, thank you. We are not quite finished yet, but it is coming along. Your good wishes inspire me.

  2. I guess time can be our friend or enemy, heal or take its toll. That may depend on how much effort/care is put into housekeeping.

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