Let Us Fall In Love

post ladyLet us resolve to fall in love with our Earth.  Other resolutions have already died.   Let us fall in love with our Earth and keep her alive.   Yet how does one fall in love with Earth?  It is easy.   It is a different kind of feeling, a oneness, a union that nothing dissolves or divides.  It is the steadiness, the compliance of all things in Nature that yield to a bidding when it is done with love.  She is not secretive.   She is an open book.

This love is a desire to return to a place where the heart knows its completeness;  in its wholeness with the laws of Nature.  We become one and the same.   We are its answer and its prayer, its meditation and its question.   We are what the seeker chooses to establish when all else fails to come to fruition.   When there is nothing that satisfies, there is always the hope and response in the garden, in the fields and in the forests.   In its beaches and in its waters.  It is a communion with the holiness in us and a love which puts all else to shame unless it measures up.

It is a comfortable place to be.   It is what we choose in place of relationships that wither with disillusion.   Nature does not.   She gives from an unending Source, reaching into her carpetbag to bring forth bits of revelation to entice, to give one reason to keep trying.  Yet when she falters, for every grievance she dispenses, there is redress.   In time there is an adjustment, a correction for every injury.   She is easy to love.   But no matter how many other worlds there are, this one is worth taking care of.   No illusions are necessary because she is sufficient unto herself.

In retrospect, this planet has suffered with our lack of stewardship.   So let us fall in love with her.   Let us resolve to take care of her.   It is time now to assume guardianship of this place we call home.

For this time she is all we have.

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