When Love Was Hatched

If it seems all is lost,
think back,
when love was hatched
and gave birth. . . . .

to dreams of wonder
and of light
to make bright the darkest corner
and gave us
fine sons and daughters
we loved into Being.

We sought for dreams
to outlet talents
hidden between
fields of mind.

We sought to bring
to each other
the reflections of what we held
as our highest and best
in fists tightly clenched.

Now we reach
that time in mind
holding close those dreams
like a magnet and
unable still to separate our lives.
And we will wonder
who works the wonders
as we fly

under the wings of the Great God.

July 15, 2013

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  1. e mail from Bill Hackett. . . commenting on When Love Was Hatched. . . .Is this part of the great move? What effect has the move taken on your perception of things thus far. . .

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