We Can Go Home

When you have swum the rapids
and come to shore, stood on the sand
and found yourself upright . . .
what more can there be?

Perhaps,  only to sing an aria
from a heart overwhelmed
by a love researching his own heart. . .

only to find newborns who are
the best of blends of mothers and fathers,
(loved wisely and well), with heads wide open. . . . .

to find a world that was as promised,
with roses blooming in December and
Thanksgiving on the first day of Spring.

It is these and more
and when the cardinal sings
I will acknowledge his song to show
that a life can be lived with a mind open
to hear muses sing their songs of joy and
pray their mourning songs.

To show that a heart can be
stripped of itself like layers of onion skin
and still keep a steady beat.

I’ve taken the long way home and
nearing the gate, please catch me, I say
and pull me on through.
I will answer c’est moi,  it is I,

to prove we can go home again and again.

July,  2013

7 responses to “We Can Go Home”

  1. Every poem you write brings me a gift of some sort. My eyes see a little clearer each time I am witness to your work. Many thanks for that.

  2. an e mail from Jane at Little House Home Arts. . . . this is lovely. It is nice that our spirits continue on with the values we cherish most and that we can go home.

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