About The Journey, The Process

One brother told his other brother and underscored that the journey is the only thing, the process if you will,  is the only thing worth the struggle.   And I found the following notes in my work from the Teacher and the Teacher said:

To be able to come to this conclusion, truly is what we work at.   All else are diversions.   All else are those things which are but a tangent of the premise.  Either one finds it for oneself or one does not find it.  Either it is learned in the process or one escapes it entirely and finds that the carrot is not all that good tasting and one must find another carrot.

The goal is unimportant.   The goal is such that it can change and with the change the sweetness is not what one thought.  When you spend a lifetime not swerving from your position,  staying where you are, in the searching you find yourself.  It brings a feeling of compromise with the Earth,  with the Heavens and with yourself.   And the compromise finds you a step ahead with brotherhood in the making.   A step that will bring to the unborn not a feeling of intensity of destroying all the old but one of building where they are and finding a depth, a richness and a spirituality just where they are.   It is not only the way of the world.  It is the way of the universes, for life is everlasting.  To learn the rudiments, to learn the process, puts the mystery back where it belongs.   Within the Godhead and in the Being who is part of the Godhead.

We don’t separate the Being from the Godhead.   We don’t separate Man from God.  We bring it all down to where we are or lift ourselves up to where it is being played out in all dimensions.  We catch glimpses of it all and then because we cannot pursue it in depth,  must be satisfied with glimpses.

Some are given greater glimpses, more in depth visions of greater scope.   But what it all means is that from where we are, to pursue in depth what it is we require brings the greater vision to us and gives greater meaning to who and what we are.  This then is the journey, the process.   We then are able to reflect it in who we are and what we do.   The process being the most important, observations being of immense proportions because of the intensity designated.

It is no small thing being done, small though it looks.  But appearances are not all.   Appearances are the mirror of what is done elsewhere doing what one is supposed to do in order to discover what one can about oneself.  There is a purpose in the learning when it is applied to all areas of life.   And much to be learned that applies to philosophy as a whole.   We take this day with this knowledge and proceed.   We cannot hold anything back but give forth of all that we are to what it is we do and react to.   We plough the field in our own way so that when the plough is lifted, there is no reason to look back.   We will have made straight furrows and there will be no reason ever for another to look and say that the furrows were crooked.   Not when we have given our best throughout and have thought through and worked through the process.

Much is given and since the majority stand where you are in upbringing and commitment and priorities and not in the forefront of the entertainment world,   this is where the work is.   It must be done in the kitchens , in the bedrooms and in front of the fire if it is to work anywhere.   And the root system must be looked at and taken into account.   And the individual’s own responsibility and their accountability is held to be the measure.   Without knowing what it is we do, without being consciously present in the life of one, by the ability and strength that comes from release and healing, one is able to step into an other’s shoes and help to show that there is a solution,  there is a way to freedom that comes, but only when the footwork and only when the material learned is integrated.  One does not integrate a human race, not even on a civil level truly unless the individuals are integrated within themselves.  It is hard to accommodate an Other within one’s circle when one’s world has not been able to accommodate one’s Self.

It is necessary to be civil for civilization not to erupt and go down the tube again.   But not until there is true accommodation for who and what one is,  and forgiveness, can there be peace at the table where one is,  whether it is the dinner table or the conference table.   We talk about a unification,  about a healing in the dichotomy of man.

Let us pursue it further and go about doing it.

(My gratitude is immense.)

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