Teaching The Children

photo (8)The snowflakes were just barely visible when the younger looked hopeful and asked if we could make a snowman.   Well I said, there really had to be a lot of snow on the ground before we could roll it up into a ball and make a snowman.   But we could stay up later he said and wait for the snow to fall.   But I said to him that there is school tomorrow and to stay up late was not a good idea.   Then I asked him how important was it that we make a snowman.   And he looked at me in puzzlement and said,  but how could we have Thanksgiving and Christmas without snow?  I said but what about the children who lived in places that were hot all the time and what did he think they did?   He was silent for some time and then said quietly, they make believe, don’t they?

Tell me,  I said, what do they make believe?  Like I do he said when I am sad or I wish for something that doesn’t happen.   I make believe in my head that what I wish for is real and then play like it is real and pretty soon,  I am happy.   Do you do that often, I asked and he said lots of times.   Especially when I am hurting inside or wisht with all my might for something and even I know all my might won’t make it real.  But then the hurt goes away when I make believe  and I am not sad anymore.   Well, I said , this I can promise you.   When the snow piles up to just two inches,  and I showed him how much that was, we will make as big a snowman as we can.   We will roll and roll until the ball gets bigger and bigger even I said if it takes up the whole yard.   Like higher than me, he asked?   And I said higher than you.   And then I hugged him and thanked him for telling me how he made himself happy when he hurt inside.

How did you learn to do that,  I asked.   And he said I watch-ed you.

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