Look For Me

DSC_1206I live my life
in a dimension of no space,
in a dimension of no time
and in an era of no choice.
I skirt perimeters of knowledge,
inserting by intention an idea.

You are my intension
and my idea.
Are you proud?  Are you grateful
for the time and place of your insertion?

Do you enjoy
my choice of residences,
built with your labor,
your muscles and your dreams?
I allowed you this.

Do you gaze upon the cardinal
sky hopping the conduits
of electricity on your behalf?
He visits you with a minute of his grace,
eager for your affirmation,
of your acknowledgment of his beauty.
You grant him this.

Is the sky deep enough
to hoist the evergreens even higher,
growing even taller as you watch them?
I watch with you.
I monitor your responses with my intricate eye
registering on my heart.
Each emotion is slotted into a space
with your name.
I congratulate Me.

I wave to you
in each movement of air
feeding your eyes with pleasure.
In grace I bow to you.

I’ve built lives around you.
You marvel in the families
of squirrels chasing only tails,
of birds flying toward melodies,
of night chased only by the days.

Wondrous of Me?
It is.
What is more wondrous?

That you take the time to look for Me.


Jan.  1980 (from the new work of My God and Me)
Photo by Josh Hallissey

4 responses to “Look For Me”

  1. This is both beautiful and concise on so many levels. i will print this out for future gazing, to help me remember what it’s all about.

    Thank you for this sharing.

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