A New World

The mind travelsWaiting For Santa Claus
the distances inclined
toward new worlds.
Here infants are
preparing for what will be
their new home.

For now,  difficult it is
to chisel new worlds;
the breaking of rock,
the scraping of stone
of encrusted thinking.

Not here, but elsewhere
the new beginnings will foster
new dreams.
No longer to be
manifest in this world’s
propensity for toys,
in this world’s yen
for fashionable attire.

What is dealt
on a scale unfathomable
are heart’s yearning
toward new understanding.

Of a universe or many
equipped to handle a multifaceted life
of undreamed answers,
to questions giving life to new dreams,
giving breath to new forms,

giving heart to life everlasting.

November,  2013

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