A Shout To The World




I would fairly shout
to the world that we sit
in the lap of eternity,
the mother lode of time.

Eternity has held us close
and whispered in our ear
the soothing sounds of love.

Eternity promises us peace
at the altar of hard work
and much prayer.

It will give us what we ask
and what we dream.
It is the place for those
whose thirst for learning
is never satisfied and
whose hunger for solid food
begins at birth.

Heaven approves the menu
and the lesson plans.
And heaven approves
constructive behavior.

It even threatens to withdraw
the rewards and
put the babies to bed
until they grow up.
So grow up world,  grow up!
Or you will lose your toys.

Life in eternity is not a walk in the park.


photo by John Hallissey   (click on photo for larger view)

2 responses to “A Shout To The World”

  1. John, you will hear the chimes when your name is called. We are on time for that call. I appreciate your comments.

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