Evolution II: To Run Like The Wind


The new man emerges
casting his light
which only intensifies
the old man’s sterility.
No more can dogmas
that gave unsubstantial testimony
to the old man prevail.
No more need
the old man’s impotence
be the young man’s burden.

The threatening shadows
have dissipated, revealing
the old man’s vulnerability.
Out of the sunlight
emerges the new man,
clothed and beautiful
in his utter nakedness;
prepared to run like the wind
toward his truth.

Shackled no longer
by what the old man has eaten,
the new man joyously assumes
his course, already chosen.
Confident in his immortality,
the new man emerges,

spiritually elevated and elevating.


Sculpture :   Ironworks by Stanley Rybacki
click on the photo to bring it front and center and click again for details

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