The Children’s Primer


When I change my life
things will be better
for I will be smarter.

I will have learned
to be nice to myself
and tell me how good I am
and then I can tell you
how good you are.
And together we will make
the world better.

When I change my life
and I am smarter
I will know my gifts
were given for me to use
and if I choose to use them
to make life better,
it is not a waste.

When I change my life
for a new one,
I will have another chance
to love, to feel,  to laugh
and to stretch my psychic bones
and shout to the world
a hello again.

When I change my life,
I will remember
what made my life sad
and not to do it again
and what made me glad,
remember to do that again.

I will remember
why you cried
and why you went hungry.
I will remember
we are two haves
and I will share what I have
and you will too.

It will be a better world
for my body will be new
and will not hurt.
I can say that because I know
if daffodils get many chances
to come up new
and mushrooms,  too,

am I not worthy of another chance?

Sept.  1999

4 responses to “The Children’s Primer”

  1. Very beautiful, puts things into prospective for me – I was just thinking about a new start, and this was nice to confirm some of my ideas.

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