Differing Perspectives

Years ago I found the word pewambic on a note on my bedside table.   I called a friend and asked her if she was familiar with the word.   She thought it had something to do with pottery.   I told her that in a dream snippet,  I was on my haunches and doing something in front of me.   I have since learned about the Native Americans of the Pewabic tribe (correct spelling) for whom pottery in the Midwest was named and I also learned that when dreaming I visit alternate realities.   My study has taught me that all worlds are simultaneous.  Even now I find my thoughts stuttering because though I know this is so for my memos bear me out, for all of us to live peacefully we must give space to different perspectives, i.e. what a person sees.

Here I step aside and the Teachers’ notes take over.   “You were working with the hands on a piece of pottery that stemmed from the area where you were.   The ancient civilizations were using the tiles borrowed from the more modern ones.   You were seen working with the tiles and with the pottery from a distant past.   The materials were not as ancient as you depict simply because they were of borrowed times.   When we speak of borrowed times we say that within the past and present or within the past and future, there is a melding that defies the linear description common to where you are.   If for instance you took the computer to another time, it would not have the functions,  but the rudiments would be the same.   The ability to work with the hands would be utilized but the time differential would be such that the illusions would be different, i.e. the materials.

The seepage, (bleed through from other times) would be there in the form of the machine.  What presents so much difficulty is your kaleidoscopic view bringing into focus bits and pieces of several dimensions (perspectives).  You can utilize this state by taking a more comprehensive look with eyes that work a bit differently.   It would seem from a distance to be all of a piece but what is really created is a new dimension.   What you see are many dimensions and the differing perspectives enhances the ability of others to understand those things needing a larger premise.”

And I say only if others are willing to give time to listen and space to be.   It is not easy when what you see is different than what others see.   We cannot climb behind an other’s eyes to see the world.   The child or adult in back of you,  in front or to the side of you is seeing our world perhaps differently.   Inside differences are sometimes harder to live with than outside differences.   As one wise child said,  ‘some of us have birth marks on the inside and some on the outside.’   We must listen to their words.   We must allow space for other perspectives because we don’t grow in understanding unless we draw a larger circle to include those who are different.

We must broaden our premises if we and our planet are to survive.

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  1. When I was a child, I used to go through momentary ‘shifts’ in perception. I could be anyplace and doing anything when it came on. I would literally feel that I was only dreaming of being where I was at that moment, and although life was going on around me, I felt that I was not actually ‘in’ it.

    These episodes would only last for ten seconds, at the most, but they frightened me when they happened, as I felt almost that I was going to disappear from where I was standing. My mom would usually soothe me and talk me down, and after a few minutes I would be back here. As I became older, these stopped occuring, probably because I cemented myself, as we all do, into the reality I lived.

    Looking back on it now, and from a lifetime of studying physics, metaphysics, dimensions, etc., I realize I was tapping into other phases of existence that we usually block from ourselves. I used to fear them, now I accept them. There’s a grand bit of unexplored territory out there. We need to open to it.

  2. I, too, and many of my friends, have experienced inexplicable phenomena. It is as if strong signals of thought energy are coming from another person, time, or place. It is as if we are receiving signals similar to our spiritual sensitivities.
    David Suzuki reports that thought energy can be measured far outside the human brain. Since light has been proven to bend, and our concept of time is changing according to modern mathematics, we need to be aware that thought energy could maybe “bend,” or time could maybe “shift.” Many believe love and possibly memory extend past death.
    We do not know all the answers. We need to ask more questions.
    This is a field of investigation where we have to drop a lot of old taboos and preconceptions, and just let ordinary innocent people tell their own truths. It takes a brave person to discuss these things, and people without judgment or prejudice to listen.

  3. Suzanne and Ruth, I appreciate your comments. We gave up much when we allowed our senses to be confined to what others thought to be normal. And we betray ourselves when we deny what our senses tell us. We then become doubters of our own experience. How can we then become credible? Who will trust us?

  4. e mail from Bill H. . . . What the source of intuitive thinking is, be it buried experiences , fusions of seemingly unrelated ideas or extra sensory thoughts, it is a source of our mental acuity. Constant conversation with the same people over time causes you to see different faces of people that you thought were predictable. Either they changed or you didn’t know them. So too it is with ourselves.

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