Come To My Table

DSC_2912This poem was written a year ago and was received  with such warmth.  Much has happened in the past year to all of us.   Memories rise unbidden sometimes,  but needing affirmation.   So we affirm them and ourselves;  along with the memories welcome
and again. . . . . .

Come To My Table

Come to my table
and sit awhile
and I will tell you tales
of years gone by,
attended by loves and those
who held magic in their hands.

We have supped
and laughed and cried some
but mostly told the tales
that love spun out of gold.
It was a rich time;
not the coin of the day
but the values in the hearts
of those who dined.

It was magic
that threaded us together
through the years to find us
all at the same place, entwined.
But the love and the magic
may have been one and the same.

Do you think?

March 26, 2013
Art by Claudia Hallissey

3 responses to “Come To My Table”

  1. Veronica, You are a beautiful wordsmith. Both your essays and your poetry are richly evocative. Magical. It always sends me into another place- of reflection, of stillness, of gratitude. Thank you for including us in the magic circle.

  2. e mail from Bill H.. . . . .Love spun out of gold is a beautiful way to express a rich relationship. This poem speaks to me,

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