Coin Of The Day

DSC_2915Coin Of The Day

Learn while you can.   There is always something to learn and do.   Those are the things you will take with you when you transit.   And transit you will.   Either early by accident or illness or later for whatever reasons.  If a daffodil and mushroom die to live again,  are you not as important or as able?   You must learn in this best of all places.   There will come a time when the ideas will not manifest as quickly and it will be difficult.  What you learn to do or learn to be or learn for knowledge’s sake. .  these are things that moth and rust do not destroy.   Whatever you  learn that makes living or life less difficult or more feasible are what will be the tools for a world less gifted.   What it is that is your talent, your knowledge,  is what will be the coin of the day.

Art by Claudia Hallissey

2 responses to “Coin Of The Day”

  1. e mail from Jane Mc. . . .I love it and have printed it out. It says it all when it comes to learning…We are made fresh by what we learn and I truly value all that I have learned more than anything else…thank you for expressing it all so eloquently!!

  2. Jane. . .To love learning means that once there was a good teacher. You are an obvious example. Thank you for commenting.

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