Will It Be A Memory?


It is about time,  is it not, that man stands to be counted as responsible,  not only for himself but for the place he inhabits by grace?   There is that connection,  that divine connection,  that cosmic connection that unites us all.   It is time that something be done and this desecration of the Earth stopped.    Man has decorated  it beautifully during specific times,  but for too long the chars of his violence are seen and there is no time between for Earth’s healing.

How many more times will the Earth be hospitable?  How much longer will it allow itself to be manhandled and dishonored?  The rights of the unborn are not to be violated.   The planet Earth is a teaching station and ‘way’ stop along the way.    It is long past the time that the warring must be stopped and our stewardship begin again or our green Earth will be a memory.

photo by John Holmes

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