Not A Pipe Dream

IMG_20140116_102110_841(2)When we yearn for something and are sure it is going to come true and it doesn’t, we are crushed.  How could we be so sure and then not have it happen?  The actuality of it has already happened elsewhere; transpired in another place.  That is hard for humans to absorb.  That actuality is a bleed through that has physical effects.   Most of us are already comfortable with the idea of other worlds.  It is not a tale of fantasy.   We already have scientific evidence for other worlds that support life in these universes.  That life may not be familiar but we need to move our frame of reference outward.   This is what visualization is about.

What is worked on here is already accomplished elsewhere.   When my healer friend put her hands on her ailing husband and felt the God  Power or Force move through her hands,  he was healed in another place.   Our thinking must include other selves than just this human one.  One may say this is a pipe dream.   It is the oldest philosophical argument of what reality is and fits my original premise in building a philosophy in that everything is ultimately good.   Or we would not Be.

What is dreamed here is carried out elsewhere in a world as real as this one.  We are working with manifestations of the mind’s conceptions.   What we have dreamed here, if not coming to fruition, is already carried out in another place.   All  we have to do is watch our  grandchildren’s   disappointments in a wish not coming true when they were so sure!  They are closer to other worlds , see and are part of what they know is happening.   Simple as that.

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  1. Veronica,
    I have wrestled with this concept since I first read “The Seth Material” and “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts.

    It is hard for a human, so grounded in our 3-dimensional world, to absorb the concept of wishes coming to fruition in another world or dimension. It makes me want to have a bit of a temper tantrum and declare that I want what I want to come to me HERE, and not in some other place where another Self gets to enjoy the rewards of my hard visualization work! I think I shall be struggling with this for some time to come.

  2. Suzanne, it would take more than one world to hold a heart as large as yours. From where I see it would take several of them to accommodate yours! You can rest easy in the concept.

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