To Think. . . A Sacred Obligation

IMG_0252_2Many times we say some things simply because we have heard them forever and never have thought them through sufficiently to change our thinking.   The dastardly job of thinking is given away like some vile disease.   Yet the remarkable process of thinking,  the gift of thought,  the joy of thinking is what man is all about.   It is a birthright of greatest value and is scorned as an odious work.   It is man’s liberation from a life of drudgery.   Thought will take one from the humdrum of every day and lift one to the heavens where imagination originates and dreams are spun.   It will be the wings upon which man will fly.

At the end of life we will say what we accomplished but when we are asked what did we think,  what will be our answer?  To resolve issues which plague the heart is the work of humankind.  We find alternatives to those issues bringing discomfort.  But thought,  that marvelous process which will allow the mind to form an elasticity,  to allow effort to bring matters to logical conclusions,  when man disparages this very active tool which is his gift,  then we all suffer,  mankind as well as the heavens.  It is our sacred obligation to honor this extraordinary gift.

Let us treat it as such.

painting by Claudia Hallissey

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  1. Maria, from the time of childhood I was told ‘you think too much’. I finally grew into the thought of ‘what’s a mind for?’ and silenced the critics. I hope age refines the process. Thank you for commenting.

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