The Heavens Watch


The Heavens Watch

The heavens watch
and poignantly feel
what plagues me.
They say my presence here
in this space I inhabit
is a necessary one.

They would tell me more
but I would laugh, not with mirth
but sarcasm they think,
and would make
the blood of the earth curdle.

I have touched
a portion of my immortality
but cannot,  do not,
stand yet with my own.

Mother,  He said,
this is your son.
And still  I am bound
too tightly to all relationships.

They will be released to an Other
and I will find my freedom
which will not ever again
be bolted by strong irons
through the ethers into another Time.

They may be without wings,
but they grow,  they grow.

The day has been a long time in ending.

photo by John Hallissey
poem from a work in progress:  My God and Me

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