Kiss The Moon —a favorite poem

Kiss The Moon Book Cover


In my abundance I come to you.
In my abundance, I love you.
This love shackles you not
nor binds you tightly in chains.
It gives you freedom to soar
where your spirit wills
and in the same abundance
finds you winging back to me.

Run quickly from a love
which possesses by need.
Its momentary satisfactions
bind you to a life of servitude.
Its very negation of freedom
murders the giver and the recipient.
Love beckons not out of desperation
but out of abundance.
It is life, calling to life.
It is life, begetting life.

Come to me,
when in your abundance
you would find annihilation in not giving.
When in your joy of living
you would find death in not loving.
Come to me then.
For in my abundance I come to you.
In my abundance, I love you.
And in our communion,

the Spirit lives.

I have been asked many times for permission to read this poem from Kiss The Moon at weddings.   It is a favorite and it is about a special kind of love  which all weddings declare.   One of the many from this book you might win by leaving a comment.   All comments will be read and names collected.  You might be the lucky winner!




6 responses to “Kiss The Moon —a favorite poem”

  1. from Pat E’s iphone. . . .the kind of love that gives freedom to soar. I so believe this . . . .this is a lovely poem. . . . .

  2. I love your writing Veronica! This poem enters my soul and I loudly decree its message. 🙂

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