Echoing Softly

Echoing Softly

Echoing softly,
in the night the willing heart
is nudged quietly into sleep.

 Wondering why
in this place,
the interest pales and fails
to keep soul aloft.

There is no time as now
for events to falter,
for the spirit wills
its place to be yet..

So, come now,
foolish it is to deny
one’s place in a world
so unsuspecting.

Time will yet be
for the soul to shine.

2 responses to “Echoing Softly”

  1. There’s still time for each of us to have our soul shiny moments.
    What a lovely and hopeful thought! Thank you…..


  2. Pat, we always think never enough but what I have found it is precisely to the minute. Thank you for your comments. And a welcome to you. . . .

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