To Research Oneself


The Teacher Speaks. . . . .For the one who searches the Heavens  for his answers and then hopes to find the answers in his actions, his activities and in the midst of his affiliations,  he might find them there if he chooses so.  But chances are the answers he seeks will be in his living room in the wise hours of the morning.  Or in the closet of himself when he unearths the meaning of who and what he is.  

 The largest undertaking of one’s life is when one researches oneself.   It is no small matter.   It is all that matters.   It can be done in the kitchen of the house,  in the classroom or the market place.   It is done anywhere and the truth of the matter it is seldom done,  period.   Not many wish to give up the day’s entertainment in search of one’s identity.  Too much trouble and too much hurt.   One finds that nothing has meaning without the central meaning of life.  One must have a healthy core for the fruit surrounding to have texture.



I shall teach you
about your root.
The fog will dissipate
and you will walk in truth.

Truth is fashioned
to resemble you.
Perfect in beauty,
laying dormant,

only to be awakened
from the impenetrable error
you hostage.

will no longer companion you.
The veil will be stripped away
and you will be set free.

No longer will you agonize
about beginnings and endings
and have terror ripping you
to the grave.

Space will be encircled
and no longer will you be paralyzed
at the thought of oblivion
and you will know

that you can go home.

                                                                                                  photo by John Holmes


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