Industry And Creativity


Industry and Creativity

 Our world needs our arms and legs and talents.  Heaven needs our industry to keep our planet afloat.  We are industrious and we are also creative.   And to be both is what life is all about.  We construct our lives by what is imaged and we create in physical space what we envision.   This planet is the best classroom ever because what we envision we can make manifest as quickly as we gather materials to do so.  There are those who  never take  time to process information into something they can do within the framework of where they are.   They hasten to buy it all and wonder why there is so little satisfaction in the acquisition.

 Taking an idea, we soon find it gives birth to many more.   For some of us it is like looking up a word in the dictionary.   One word gives rise to another and soon we  spend hours looking up words that pique our interest and add depth to our vocabulary.  What is needed is time for solitude to sift and sort and explore.  Everyone needs solitude, from the toddler to the elder.  Time is needed for an idea to come to fruition.    It cannot be done in front of a screen designed to constantly stimulate without time for employment of an idea.   A  ‘go to your room’  was never argued in our home for it meant there would be uninterrupted personal time.  Personal time meant personal space was not violated.  It was time where thoughts could roam the ethers and come back full of substance.

 I was grateful for hours spent observing  work done by my brothers and our sons.   Learning to do was my genetic heritage.  With the birth of grandchildren also came the birth of woodworking for me.  Starting with plaques I soon ventured into toys.   It was also grief therapy needing to heal a breach in the family when our David died.  The shaping and the sanding were helping put love into  toys our grandchildren would be playing with.  Working with our hands is part of who we are as human beings from the first wedge and mallet we shaped from rock.    This may sound like old fashioned work but one might find it a delightful addiction.  And though we might think otherwise,

 most of us were not to the manor born.

(Some of the Pink Feather Fleet were space vehicles.   Of course,  of course.  That is why I called them Illusion I, II,  etc.)

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