I Would Teach



I Would Teach


There is one thing I would teach if I could it would be that who we are is always safe.   A reader who caught the essence of what I was saying, had commented on a post that it made her feel safe.   More than safe I would add,  we are in the lap of eternity.   I was thinking,  the reasons for our lessons, if they can be called lessons or simply the consequences of earth life, is these are logical outcomes for what we inadvertently or knowledgeably do.  Since we were before we are, we somehow sent this earth rolling in this marvelous sea of great tranquility, called the Universes and had as its basis, safety of its inhabitants and also logical consequences.  The underlying basis has intelligence and that intelligence evolves as our intelligence does but in greater leaps.   Much greater leaps; unimaginable.  And if we call this intelligence God or Father or simply Life, this intelligence is the primary factor of all the Universes.

I don’t know if the Big Bang theory with its mating molecules was its beginning or if some other factor sent rolling in this vast sea even had a beginning.   I cannot with this brain fathom that.   What I am certain of is the underlying factor of these Universes is intelligence, which makes my heart beat steadily and because we are its children, or its product of love or idea, also are buds of intelligence set on a path of growth, however long it takes.   The very primary,  the very smallest of life’s instinct that has life and intelligence as its point of existence, I would call the God Participant.

There is nothing, not a thing, no thing in this world should be taken as a granted, as a nothing or non life because we have as its center, life, the smallest particle, the God Participant, growing into its full capacity of intelligence.   And from that point, to whatever ends the participant succeeds will then be  another meeting of parts in its composition,  again growing toward other forms of intelligence or other forms of life.

This may not sound like much but to me is more of what was the beginning and intention of life than the unpalatable that had me wondering why when I was trying so hard to make sense out of my life, there was only nonsense.   I was throwing up all the years of my existence and I was dying.  I was not let go and have come to these conclusions giving me life and more life.   I now know from where it is I come.

And I feel I have scaled the wall.

photo by Christina Socha

4 responses to “I Would Teach”

  1. This post reminds me of the poem, “God Particles” by Thomas Lux. Also a poem of the same name by Carews. Also the song, “We Are Stardust; We Are Golden.” To connect firmly to the spiritual behind the physical, and to have it there as strength, safety, and resource for all kinds of healing, is truly epiphanic. A few writers leave a trail of breadcrumbs for followers, and the encouragement that it is attainable, and that the search is worthwhile. Veronica has searched, found, and put these things into words for us to heed.

  2. Ruth, all I can say is thank you. It is a process and took a lifetime. Your words tell me you understand and I am grateful.

  3. Your sureness is so affirming, it feels like a ‘leg up’ over the wall of ‘why’…
    Thank you Veronica

  4. Pat, the ‘not knowing’ I could not live with. It has been a life’s work. I appreciate your gratitude.

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