Once Upon A Time


This from the teacher’s notebook. . . . . . .

This should really start out with once upon a time. And we do. . . .for once upon a time when humans took form there was an openness about them which we can say was almost biblical. Until the fig leaf, for various reasons, was needed.

When man first walked, he knew from where he emerged. It was a very large picture that he held. In the classic Homer’s Iliad, the gods involved with the physical characters were in various stages of growth. Both gods and angels created.

Now we try to explain what is considered myth by classes in literature but was really an openness that was first employed by all. It was a natural state. But then came the nemesis of dis-ease; of fear, of flight and of desire and the brain’s doors were closed. What should have been a rapid growth in man’s progression has turned into a snail’s pace. And the grinding of the mills is studious, well intentioned and designed not to upset those who could not handle the subject at all.

Survival became the prime reason for being. Just to breathe and keep living whether one be animal or human. And this has been the standard operating procedure since the Adam and Eve story. One does not change horses in the middle of the stream it seems, unless the horse becomes too powerful to ride and rides the rider. That is when something must be done.

There will be genetic maneuverings and manipulations and the strongest will survive. The how and why of it all must be answered in the head of the person needing to know. And the picture of this planet must always be kept in mind when negotiating for changes. This is the school for learning the rudiments of behavior for a Universal existence.

And already we broaden the premise from physical Earth life to life in other worlds. If a closed physical system is preferred and for those uncomfortable with a universe of no retire and since all transit at the end of this physical existence, more thought must be given to the next phase of life. We must consider harp lessons since the heavens are all full up with guitar players.

photo by Kathy Qualiana

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  1. John, Sometimes it is more than a simple knock on the door that opens it for a need to know. Thank you for commenting.

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