Life Ongoing


Life Ongoing

Confirmation from vast points,
from sundry points,
lead to an overwhelming wealth of data,
signifying the collective ‘we’.

Insofar we see the only articulate ‘I’,
we ponder the seas confirming our depth,
the mountains asserting our height
and the earth revealing our substance.

Glancing blows strike only
our shield of skin,
composed themselves of styrofoam.
Pierced edges of words
strike hot the peeled rind of emotions,
exposing only fibrous tissue.

But through all, we slide
like peeled comfrey, slick and smooth,
the oiled parts of a machinery;
deus in machina.

Still, we slow the burden burdensome,
noises polluting our hearing,
the events in motion
boggling our eternal eye

We move out of the arena
testing our mettle,
out of a life holding neutral for no man,
out of love gripping our pulses.

To a new world testing our mettle yet,
to a life in neutral only for a moment,
to a love gripping anew our pulses.

It is a universe of no retire.

photo by Christina Socha

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  1. Christina, thank you for commenting. Your photos are excellent. These artist’s eyes seem to be genetic in the family.

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