Our Sacred Source

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In rereading some of my blog beginning material,  I found posts that I felt should be repeated.   Many of my newest readers may not be familiar with my work with situations that have become more important as time elapses.  This is one of them concerning my beloved Earth schoolroom.   I present it again and hope it may bring discussion to the dinner table.

Our Sacred Source

I heard a grandchild say at a very young age, ‘when mamma is happy the whole family is happy.’   I have seen when a family is in turmoil,  in sickness, and  the hot water tank springs a leak,  the washing machine stops  that mama says,  this we can handle, even   when we  are  out of bread, out of milk with  no cereal in the cupboards.   I have also seen things go right when a family is working in harmony under adverse conditions  because the parent gods work to make it so.

A young friend says to me that she hates what cloudy weather  does to her and is it ever going to stop raining?  We give credence to all these feelings.   One day I said to another friend, ‘ how are  you treating the world?’   ‘Don’t you mean how is the world treating me?’  he asks.   I assure him I meant what I asked.

It is not a far stretch to see that our Mother Earth reacts the same way.   Our Earth  reacts to human trauma.   It reacts to human turmoil and human agonies.  There are those who say that earthquakes and tornadoes  and other tragedies are part of Nature and because we have such high tech systems,  we learn of them more quickly.   But we are now a planet of greater numbers and we live in each others’ pockets.   We no longer have large expanses of lands and waters that can absorb Nature’s hiccups.   A tsunami is not a hiccup anymore when thousands of people are running for their lives while water is pushing new beaches where beaches never were before.

When the Earth splits in two and hundreds are swallowed  in another earthquake while the other side of the world moans in pain as markets react and jobs and economies are torn asunder, this tells us  we are of one brotherhood.  We are as natural to our planet as all other species and events.  Thoughts carry power as strong as Nature itself.  Thoughts and emotions weigh heavily and will have their aftermath somewhere.

We cannot separate Nature’s events from the emotions that view them.  We rise from the same bed.  Let us respect and pay homage to our Sacred Source.

photo by John Holmes

3 responses to “Our Sacred Source”

  1. That is a beautiful reminder of our connectedness! The final notion sticking in my brain is how each of our thoughts and emotions can affect so many others…..

  2. Pat, once you become aware of the connectedness, you begin to see it in the most unlikely places and events. Thank you for commenting.

  3. ‘….in the most unlikely places and events’. I do look for synchronicity and unexplained ‘appropriateness, most all the time.

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