Don’t Stare At The Moon

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Don’t Stare At The Moon

Any farmer knows
you don’t stare at the moon too long.
You get a little soft in the head, they say.

What they really mean
is that magic overtakes you
and carries you to the place of green fields,
of orchards heavy with fruit
and cucumbers cultivated straight
as a shot of rye whiskey.

What they really mean is that the magic
will make you see fields to be seeded
and calves to be born
and worlds to be peopled.

What they really mean
is that you will fall in love
with your earth
and in awe watch the wheat weave its gold mat
right over your eyes.

It is a softness of the heart man fears,
for the myth must enforce
the hard head to blunt

the pain of life everlasting.

art by Claudia Hallissey

3 responses to “Don’t Stare At The Moon”

  1. There is an immediacy in this poem that evokes the world of “right here, right now”, look and see! Expresses so beautifully what happens when we open our eyes and then our hearts. And as often happens, nature is the very portal into that world of magic.

  2. Lois, And I wrote it with an immediate, right now feeling. Thank you for your perspective. It helps when the words find a match.

  3. Soft heart? Nay, I say…. Rather the acknowledgement of where one’s head, heart, and soul can go when they are open to the possibilities….
    Wonderful reminder….once more

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