Memory Quilt



Memory Quilt


When it is time
I will draw high
my memory quilt,
to cover shivering bones.

Pictured will be events
richly patterned
and pleasing
to the soul.

Astonishing not to recall
emotions pressed beyond belief,
battles fought
to frightful finishes.

Left like barnacles
clinging to a disabled craft,
slippery in substance,
suitable only for discard.

When it is time,
the memory quilt drawn
will show kaleidoscopic events
lending warmth to fragile skin,

haunting in their beauty
while I take flight

in triumph, warmed.


Poem from Kiss The Moon
artwork by Claudia Hallissey

2 responses to “Memory Quilt”

  1. Isn’t it interesting that events, not emotions, are what is memorialized in a memory quilt. Guess we need trees (or events) to hang the remembered feelings on..
    I love how you say things….

  2. Ah, the Memory Quilt grows each day,
    Warming the old bones and
    Bringing a smile to smooth the face wrinkles.

    Dreams that were .. still live.

    Thanks for sharing this thought of closure.

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