The Chime Clock


The Chime Clock

It is far past the hour
when the bell chimes
and I know when the hour
will strike again.

Many times we’ve heard
the bell strike our time
only to ignore the possibility
of a door opening.

We think it closes
forever on us,
yet the motive for its closure
is to ensure its opening.

Perhaps on a possibility
not thought of
or perhaps not ours before
this particular chime

declares us to our world and time.

Photo by Joshua Hallissey

2 responses to “The Chime Clock”

  1. Love The Chime Clock, Veronica. It’s all about being open to possibilities… matter their form, no matter when.

  2. Pat, how easy to assume the chimes mean that our chance is past when they can announce a new beginning. Thank you for commenting.

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