The Idea Called Earth






An idea took form
and manifested
and was called Earth.

Its essence rests unsoiled,
untarnished and floats also
in a Sea of Tranquility.

The green forests are  lavish,
unspoiled and
the blue waters clear.

Farther yet from mind
is the essence called man;
his essence greater by far
than what he manifests.

Surrealistic in form,
tangible to the unstructured eye,
it all takes shape for the initiate

struggling to place
the elusive content called self
in a world he himself designed.

Beautiful lord of creation,
there will be worlds yet

that will fit the Idea.



4 responses to “The Idea Called Earth”

  1. Maria, and when the heart and mind connect, the puzzle piece fits in its place. Thank you for your comment.

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