A Deliverance


I don’t know where I either heard the story or read it somewhere it has been so long that it lay within me. It goes like this. There were three wise men. They were in a huddle deciding where they would hide God. One said let us put Him in the sky. No one will find Him there. No, another said. Let us hide Him in the ocean deep. No one will think to find Him there! But the third one said, let us hide Him within Man. No one ever will think to look for Him there! So that is where God is hidden. Within Man. And the idea that within Man is the Divine still waits to be uncovered. And waits and waits and waits.

 A Deliverance

 There is a deliverance into the journey of self.. The deliverance will deliver and the God within will use whatever means to bring forth courage using the talents of the individual. It works this way. When we least expect ourselves to rise to the need, our Divine Self will nurse what little talent we have and with a courageous thrust lift us to the bar and over it. The bar will be what we have set for ourselves and in that secret place where we think we cannot meet it, we will. We do. Maybe not a whole lot that we would aspire to but more likely, more than what we thought possible.

Society wishes to keep one forever young. A grinning and jolly soldier for profit. Society would have us jumping up and down with excitement all the time in a reality show that has no basis. They would have us striving for the latest in gadgets and want us to believe that we cannot live meaningful and rewarding lives unless. . . .whatever the latest catch phrase is. Only releasing oneself to oneself will one be able to grow up and by doing so, be given the whole world. And that definition will not be thought ever again to be the toys of the world.

How do I know , or how will one know what will be the correct way to grow and be? By their fruits we were told. Or as a very dear and wise friend said, by the pattern of our days. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. When what you do is good, and we all know when we do what is good, for your brother, for your Self, it will be good forever for everyone. You will do good not only for this world when you do good for one, but for all hearts and hearths and for all worlds. That is the way it works and why have we forgotten this very important lesson?

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  1. e mail from Jane Mc. . . .Dear Veronica….what a lot of good food for thought!! Thank you and I love your artwork too!!

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