We chanced from the wellspring to become living water. We were poured from a pitcher and flowed into a cup. We are the cup and we hold the living water. The part that stayed behind we call our God. . . . .not knowing we are the God that came. And what our heavenly counterpart we pray to do for us, we can do also. We work in tandem for this we vowed to do. And we do.

 If we are not proud of who we are, we can change that attitude. If we do not like what we do,we can change what we do. If we do not love as much as we think ourselves capable of loving, we can love more. We can be more caring, we can be diligent and persevere. We can be more capable, we can sweat and work harder. We can only press ourselves, but this we can do, responsibly.

 There is no one responsible for our actions, but us. There is no one to blame for our carelessness, but us. There is no blame to place on anyone, for our unhappiness, but us.    Our God is helpless when the God in us cannot be reached. It is one body of God as we are one body of Man. The face of God blends all faces of Gods as the face of one man blends all faces of Man. And they are one face.

 It is not useless to pray our prayer to our personal God, for God will reach the rich open bed of the God in Man when ready. And then responsibly we work for change. In ourselves, for then our success in being at one will be the only example other men will need to change themselves.

 And thus the Great Experiment we call Earth Life may succeed where we are. Great lessons will be learned and we will have stressed ourselves. And laid groundwork for a life we die to and rise in place in another, knowing we made it home after graduation. Neat plan, but already we were given these directions many times before.

 Many worlds, many lives, many lessons, for life is a continuum and it is everlasting. And if however far we go and our life on earth being not one minute too long nor one minute too short,  we will take what it is we require, so we can begin to give again.  For giving is what it is about.

 With the living water in us, our well never runs dry when primed.

photo by John Holmes


2 responses to “Wellspring”

  1. Veronica, I find your thinking so spacious. It seems to encompass everything from atoms to universes. And yet your thoughts are accessible- rooted in earth, reaching to heaven.

  2. Lois, I wear your comments like a warm wrap. I am finding that life is a wondrous mural with few contradictions.. Contradictions imply more study required. If I am able to open a door for a reader, one reader is reason enough to keep doing. Thank you for taking time to let me know I help.

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