No Need For Words




No Need For Words


The silence is comforting.
No need for words because
we have said them all,
have we not?

The I love you has been
our greeting for centuries past
and our eyes speak
the loving endearment now.

Hands become numb
in the slightest chill,
needing gloves, nay mittens,
even while the sun still warms.

Sad, you think,
old fools to need comforts
which no longer comfort
and do not need words
for they have all been said.

There will come a time
when new ventures in new worlds
will pale in comparison to the
honored words saying I love you.

But will we remember
the feelings that raced our hearts
with unthinkable speed,
taking our breath with it?

The ways to love will be new, you say
but I will still

need your arms to comfort me.

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